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Unswervd by all the passing errors, perturbations of the surface;
Presuming the growth, fulness, life, now attaind on the journey
City of hurried and sparkling waters! city of spires and masts!
Of Him I Love Day and Night
Myself a speck, a point on the worlds floating vast
I look where the ship helplessly heads end on, I hear the burst as
Now for my lastlet me look back a moment;
Go, dear friend, if need be give up all else, and commence to-day to
Land of the pastoral plains, the grass-fields of the world! land of

Once I Passd Through a Populous City
Late of a winter night, and I unremarkd seated in a corner
City whom that I have lived and sung in your midst will one day make
Old occult Brahma interminably far back, the tender and junior Buddha
No picture, poem, statement, passing them to the future:
Celebrate you act divine and you children prepared for
Enough O deed impromptu and secret
The White sea, and the sea around Greenland
Setting the studs by their tenons in the mortises according as they

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