Trump’s delegate danger

Than this nothing has better served, it has served all
Recorders Ages Hence
Underfoot the divine soil, overhead the sun
My real body doubtless left to me for other spheres
Pervaded the rooms,
And brought water and filld a tub for his sweated body and bruisd feet
Sound clearer through the atmosphere!
Death, many deaths Ill sing
Lost in the cleave of the clasping and sweet-fleshd day
Emblem of general maternity lifted above all

Glance as she sits, inviting none, denying none
All eligible to all
The earth expanding right hand and left hand
Expands my blood?
Do you guess I have some intricate purpose?
All your children
Not the air delicious and dry, the air of ripe summer, bears lightly
Gather, and merge myself as part of the sands and drift
Eleves, I salute you! come forward!
Running up out of the night, bringing your cluster of stars

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